Drop Shipper’s Security Issues

Drop Shipper’s Security Issues

On the previous chapter, we learned how a drop shipping works. It seems like a perfect option to start with a little investment. However, you should keep in mind that the “cons” side to find a great supplier. 

Adding drop shipping suppliers to a marketplace as an additional source of the deal has become a growing trend in eCommerce. As a store owner who looking for ways to expand their product line without any additional inventories, the model has become very popular. Most legitimate wholesalers will require a proof of legal business permission before allowing you to apply for an account. (The way to register the legal documents, Please click, Is Your Online Business Legal?)

However there are many scam artists to count in the drop shipping industry. Drop shipping scams can fool even the savvy retailers and both new and experienced sellers need to stay vigilant when choosing new suppliers. To avoid those drop shipping scams, it is better to know some common characteristics that helps you to get away from the traps and protect your eCommerce business.


Drop  Shipping Search Service

The talent of scam programs is not providing good product lists and smooth delivery operation, but rather good at in SEO and marketing themselves. What is interesting is most reliable supplier programs do not usually list “drop shipping” in their title. Most of the reliable suppliers are mainly a bulk wholesale supplier and offering the drop shipping program as another option to whom request light purchases. Not all the drop shipping search service is scamming, but the system often contain a risk to be a troublesome.

Lack of Contact Information

When you check into a drop shipper’s website, it is important to find plenty of contact information available. Some smaller stores don’t list a physical address if they are using an online-only sales model. If you found a drop shipping supplier’s website which do not have clear contact details or physical ship-from address, or it’s listed as a PO Box or in a residential area, you should be really careful.

Promise of Quick Sales Revenue

Be ware of any company that promise you saying, “profits will come with just a little work”. The scams make big promises to hook you in and get you pay its up-front fee, monthly costs, or often for their “expert coaching”. A trustful wholesale supplier won’t often blast their front page with promises of rich quick deals.


Please keep in mind is that even when you find a reliable wholesalers with a rich promotional support programs, you still need to work by yourself on marketing and developing product lists to generate your initial traffic and optimize sales conversions. 


the best way to find your business partner

To find a reliable option

Although it is not easy to give you a simple steps to avoid all drop shipping scams and to find a good wholesale partner, it still is very possible to find your best partners. Please remember to check the followings when you find  a drop shipping supplier. 


●Expert Staff and Industry Focus

●Legal Proof Requirement

●Dedicated Support Representatives

●Invested in Technology

●Centrally Located

●Organized and Efficient


Congratulation! You learned a lot already. Now your store concept and products are ready! Let’s move on to know about pricing next. 



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