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Once your store start running, managing your orders is going to be your daily task. To be successful on your daily order management, I would like to mention a fundamental flow of online order process from the both side of buyers and sellers at the first half of the article, and then we move on to learn the useful tips for your store operation.

Order management


A Customer Journey

You may have gone through this journey yourself. It usually starts with a need to buy something. Once a customer find what she want, she will read the description, check the photos, the price and other information. She finally clicks on the BUY button to put it on a cart. 

Once all wanted products has been added to the cart, the customer will start the checkout process. During this process, the customer will review the products in the cart, changing, deleting or adding more to it. When satisfied, she push CHECK OUT button.

After check out, the payment process is started. The customer will get the information on how to pay for the product and write the address where they want to have the product delivered. 

After the payment and delivery is proceeded, the buyer will receive a notification, in the form of an email stating that the product has been sent. Soon after that, the product will be in the hands of the customer.

A Shop Owner Journey

First, the products are added to the store. This usually means that the shop owner will describe the product, upload some photos, enter the price, delivery options and the number of items that are also available. 

When a buyer proceed the order, the shop owner will receive the order notification. At this point, you need to package the items and organize the delivery. 

What it is import to note is to let the system know after the packages are delivered. This will make sure that a notification is sent to the buyer.

The process finishes when the buyer receive the item. The payment to the shop owner is completed and the money is added to the balance, where the owner can transfer it to her bank account.


customer and owner journey map


Tips for Successful Order Management

Now that you are clear about the whole process of online order flow. For the order management task to be successful, here are the tips you should always keep in mind. 


『Add shipping detail right on the product page』
There have been many problems happened between sellers and buyers when to interact on purchasing process online. The most of the troubles would happen because of missing detail information of shipping terms on your product page. You have to be clear to the buyers on describing the shipping cost and times with various options which you can provide. Be nice and kind.


『Under-promise and make a big-surprise 』
People love surprise! Of course in a good way. It is always good that you exaggerate less and provide better. If you over-demonstrate to get the products look better, the customer expectation could be higher than the product itself. In that case, buyers will be disappointing on you. Keep in mind that you always want to surprise them when they receive the product.


『Ship as quickly as possible』
We all understand that we have to wait to receive a product when we order online. It is not hands-on buying. Yea, understood. However, it is true that we always feel somewhat anxious no matter what when we are waiting for the product to come. The quicker it comes, the more satisfaction and trust we could feel toward the seller.


『Add personal touches to your order and shipping confirmation emails 』
“Do not under estimate the power of hand writing thank you note.” Showing the “I always take care of you” attitude is very important to make a good customer relationship. The buyers choose what to buy not only because of the product itself, but also because of the person who sell it. Be aside of each one of your customer.


『Be proactive with your customer messaging』
Quick response to the customers is an essential behavior as a provider. Even when problems arise in dealing with transactions, keeping in mind a quick response reduce the stress the customer feels and can help to establish a long-term brand commitment. Fast correspondence represents your sincerity.


『Follow up and ask for product reviews』
Listening to customer’s opinion is one of the most effective means of improving goods and services. By solving more doubts and tackling the problem improvement, you will be establishing your store together with your customers. 


As you can see, order management is not just a process of transaction, but more related to your customer relationship. Please be nice, quick and honest to your customers.



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