Online Advertising

Online Advertising

So you have built an online store, now you need the world to come to your shop and see the products. 

How we do that? We are now online and we can reach people who is as close as our friends and families or as far as the other side of the earth. Nowadays online advertising is so important that you can’t ignore.  It is time to learn. So, let’s get started! 

Basically online advertisement could be categorized into two types. Paid or free. You can expect quick result on paid advertising but it is quit expensive. On the other hand, free advertising take time and need hard work to get it popular, but if you do it well, you could expect to build hardcore fans on your brand.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the options to give you quick results without spending to much time and effort. The idea is to paid for promotion to bring customers in the short term while you design action plans for the medium and long term. For these reason, paid advertising is the first strategy that you are going to talk about. In online businesses, there are two big names that appear in your mind when talking about paid advertisement:

  • Facebook/Instagram 
  • Google

Both system works in a similar way. During the creation of advertisements, you can choose what is your target market, your format and your media. As well as the starting date, end date and frequency of the campaign.  Both Google and Facebook offer you the analytics to see how the ads are doing and you should check this data to modify and improve your ads. To know more about each advertising, please check the links below.

Facebook / Instagram

Facebook Ad:
Instagram Ad:


Good Ad:

Also, Google provide an educational program to learn deeply on Goole Advertising. If you want to learn more about this, the link below would help a lot.

Google Academy:


Social media advertising

Free Advertisement

If you don’t want to spend lots of money for paid advertising methods above, don’t worry. We still have other methods to promote your brands. Compare to the paid methods, it is time consuming and you need much more effort to develop. However, these methods could be really useful, sometimes more useful than the paid methods, to build a brand loyalty to your customers.

There are three major tools for free online promotion:

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Let’s see how each one of the methods works.


Direct Mail Marketing
Direct mail marketing is the most straightforward way to foster relationships with current customers. So please make sure to start building mailing lists of people you buy from now. You can thank you using email, announce new products, or send special offers. Next, ask a loyal customer to write a review on the product or to share it on social media.


Content Marketing
This strategy uses blog and video to bring value to customers. I said that it will bring value instead of advertising your product. What you want is to create experience to bring customers to your store. There are not many people who like to be pushed to buy something. You are? When I but something, I would like to learn about the products, compare it, and like to feel that I make decisions by myself.

Content marketing provides the opportunity to create this experience online. Initially, you can select only one to create from blogs, videos, images, etc. The important thing is you start doing it and keep a good pace to post regularly.


Social Media Marketing
By advertising products using social media, you can build relationships with potential customers and influencers. Remember this last word: Influencer. They have many believers and their postings are shared many times, so they are called like that. What they said can influence the behavior of other people It is important to nurture a good relationship with them. Share your content, comment on what they said, follow them on different sites, and ask their opinion about your post.

Also, social media sites are the best place for networking. You can use social media to better understand customers, see what you like, get interested, and use what you have learned to improve your relationship. Their loyalty. 


Interested? Yes, you are. Needless to say, social media marketing is increasingly important as a current marketing method. In the next chapter we focus more on the SNS marketing and you will learn how to create the marketing plans.



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