Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is also called SNS marketing

As you know, customers are already interacting with brands through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Excellent marketing of social media brings valuable business success, creates dedicated brand advocates, and further promotes leads and sales.


Choose SNS Platform 

Social media now become a powerful platform to deliver your contents to audience. Depending on the type of contents you create, the types of social media platform you use may differ. Since different SNS marketing platform requires different approach, you need to develop a unique strategy tailored for each platform.


Facebook is one of the most well-known SNS platforms in the world. By sharing images, videos and ideas, you can send messages to the world. For this casual and friendly environment, we need a proactive social media marketing strategy. Let’s convey a consistent brand image by creating Facebook business fan pages and announcing news and events.


Instagram is just like a brief version of Facebook with emphasis on mobile usage and visual sharing. Instagram would be now No.1 SNS platform among the population of 20-30 years old. The reason why Instagram is so popular around the world would be that you can instantly send more timely topics, your moment, with pictures and movies to the world.


Twitter is a platform to mutter your thoughts about the world and to talk directly with customers. Tweeting updates and responding to a tweet from related fields in the same industry on your brand, you can deepen your engagement with the audience. In addition to special and discount information, please mix the tweets of funny taste which builds the interaction with customers. Respond to customers’ tweets and communicate as much as possible.


YouTube is a major institution that creates and shares video content and also is known as a very powerful social media marketing tool. By creating a useful how-to video and creating a product introduction video, more viewers will be able to feel your brand intuitively and closer. In addition, posting on YouTube’s platform is a very effective means as a measure against Google’s search SEO. You never know the power of video. 


LinkedIn is one of the more professional social media marketing sites. LinkedIn Groups is a wonderful place to participate in professional dialogue with people of similar industry and provides a place to share content with someone with sympathy. By utilizing LinkedIn as a site for serious discussions such as official statements and opinions on social contribution, it will help you to establish as a leader of thought and earn the trust.


Start with a Plan

Planning is important to succeed. Let’s make a plan before a voyage! Starting SNS campaign into plastic without any strategy is like traveling from Jakarta to Paris without a map and a flight ticket—It could be fun, but you’ll probably get lost.

Planing social media marketing


#1. Who is your target audience?
Let’s see what your competitors and partners are promoting on social media. Knowing what kind of work they are successful in will make you a guide to your plan. Please check the link, Conduct Market Research: to learn more about it.

Ask these questions.
● Please ask existing customers on what and which site they are watching online.
● Which social medias are your competitors promoting?
● Look for partners that will excite social media campaigns with you.


#2. What is your business goal?
Let’s start with your BIG picture goal and get clear on why you are on social media in the first place. For most of us that BIG picture goal is to get more leads and make more sales. Please check the link, Find Niche Market: to brush up your idea.

Ask these questions.
● What are the issues of viewers who do not use your products?
● What is the ideal solution to overcome these challenges?
● What topics and areas are you interested in in your business industry?
● Which social media do your viewers use?


#3. Differentiate your brand
Now that you completed your research and checked out your competitors and other businesses with following audiences, it’s time to determine how you will be stand out. For more branding, please check the link, The Secret Method of Branding: to learn again.

Follow the step and find your strength.
●List three of what your competitors are doing good.
●List three of what your product is superior than your competitors.
●Make a phrase which you will describe yourself.
●Which SNS platform is good to start for your strategy?


#4. Outlining your goals
Start small and keep it realistic. Once you have made a plan on what contents to create and which SNS platform to start, it is time to make a short-term goal. Short-term goal will always lead us to a big picture goal in the future. Remember, you can always audit your objective by often checking the following numbers on your official social media.

-Page Likes

Each of these number represent your current marketing condition, so it’s important that you also set a goal on each numbers on a  realistic time frame.


Remember, social media marketing is not easy, but as long as you keep creating, organizing and editing, and focus on the daily to-do, weekly objective, and monthly forecast, you will see a surprising ROIs in the future.



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