The Secret Method of Store Branding

The Secret Method of Store Branding

Does your brand share the same message with your audience? If you don’t have a clear guide to the brand, your audience will be confused. Branding is a method that is very necessary to accept the originality of your shop and to win the hearts of many potential customers. By clarifying expectations of the brand by continuing to ensure that all works, logos, tweets and advertisements are in accordance with the brand image guidelines, you can prevent incompatibility with the brand’s message.

Now the question is how to branding your store. To know in depth about branding, first let’s explore the meaning of the word, brand.


Brand is a profile of yourself.

What is brand? The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia.

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.”

(Quoted from wikipedia,, 3 Sep 2018)

Ok, to make it easier to understand, let’s consider a brand as a person.

“My name is Joe Henderson. I’m a firefighter. I wear a fire retardant jacket when I work. I have never failed to save victims in a fire accident for 40 years working.”

Brand is a profile of yourself

From the sentence above, you can immediately know who Joe Henderson is, and you can also imagine his personality. You might imagine that,

“Joe Henderson is someone who is very strong, rigid, and reliable who will save my life when a fire accident occurs. And… he might also have a family and a good father.”

A brand represents the profile of the product, service, and even the company itself. A brand also identifies what qualities consumers will get.

The store logo is your face.

The store logo is your face.

In Joe Henderson’s case, his face represented the logo. In this case you can imagine that Joe is a strong person with short hair, face mature and confident. If he looks like a little girl with long hair, then it would be very confusing and different from Joe’s work and personality.


Mission Statement is your voice.

Joe said, “I am a firefighter and I can confidently save someone from a fire accident.” The above statement is a statement of his mission that is consistent and reasonable and in accordance with his character as a great firefighter. Imagine if Joe said “I am a firefighter but I can only push-up as much as 5 times …”. We think Joe will lose his reputation.


Product is your body and service is your behavior.

The service provided by Joe was very clear, “SAVING LIFE FROM FIRE ACCIDENT.” His behavior as a firefighter will shape Joe Henderson’s overall image and reputation as a brand. All actions and behaviors do lead to consumer trust that will be a big part of your store’s brand image.

Product is your body and service is your behavior


Find a solution-oriented product.

Now, you can understand the reason why your store must be consistent with brand image. By clearly describing your store’s brand profile, you can prevent incompatibility and stop mix-messaging on your brand and eventually you can share the same message with your audience.

Especially, in the early days of business planning, it would be very good to start from building a brand profile. When you start planning an online store business, you will wonder what to sell. Of course, the most important thing is that you have to sell what you like. In addition, clarifying the reasons why you want to sell it will make it the key to identify your brand.


Be consistent with Market Research and Niche Marketing strategies and build a good brand profile. So the consistency is the most important secret of branding!



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